Friday, November 11, 2011

Bailey the buffalo goes for a drive in his owner's Car

Now that's what I call a steer: Bailey the buffalo goes for a drive in his owner's CAR

Standing almost 6ft-tall, 8ft-long and weighing an astonishing 130 stone, Bailey Jr is possibly the world's largest pet.
The Plains Bison buffalo may be huge, but like most three-and-a-half-year-olds all he wants to do is play.

When he isn't lying on the floor inside watching television, Bailey Jr is busy being chased around by his owner Jim Sautner on a quad bike at their property in Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada.
For a treat, Bailey Jr is sometimes even driven round in Mr Saunton's specially converted 1987 Pontiac Bonneville.

The Sautners took on the young male buffalo only a few months after Bailey Sr died.
Mrs Sautner said: 'Our friend who has a small holding of around 30 buffalos mailed us to come and take on a new buffalo who was called Brady. In time though he simply became Bailey Jr.

'In a way, Jim wanted to train and become a buffalo whisperer with Bailey Jr to show people that this level of communication between man and bison is possible.'
She added: 'Jim has taken Bailey down the local bar to have a brew.

'The convertible car has had its windows removed and its chassis re-enforced to support Bailey Jr's weight.
'That means that the car in uninsurable and can only be used on private roads, or the police would stop us.

'Although at certain fairs and parades we get dispensation to travel with Bailey Jr and to ride the Ponitac.'
The couple claim that the buffalo believes Mr Staunton is his mother.

'To this day, Bailey Jr will come up to Jim and make a sucking noise that shows he wants to suckle on his hand.
'Jim is 100 per cent his mom, not even his dad, although I am not sure that Bailey Jr realises the real differences.'


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