Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harry Potter’s England

Goathland Station
From heady English universities to idyllic landscapes, iconic Harry Potter sites are strewn across England. Explore filming locations that brought the magical world to life -- including the picturesque Goathland Station, which served as the set for Hogsmeade Station. The trains entering could easily be the Hogwarts Express. 

Harry’s Privet Drive home
Pictured here is the town of Bracknell, Surrey, and houses that served as the Privet Drive home of Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle.
Alnwick Castle
In Alnwick, explore Alnwick Castle, which has served as the exterior of Hogwarts in many establishing shots and Quidditch scenes. 
Oxford University
The dining halls at Oxford served as the inspiration for Hogwarts’ Great Hall in the films, such as the Christ Church dining hall, pictured here in 1958. Much of the interior of Hogwarts was also shot at the school. 
Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucester, England, also served as Hogwarts for many other interior scenes. Perhaps you were expecting to find the words "The chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware" scrawled on the stone? 
Leadenhall MarketLeadenhall Market in London was a clear choice for Diagon Alley, the secret wizard high street.


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