Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beautiful Russin Art by Anastasia Hohriakova

Anastasia Hohriakova is a contemporary artist and renowned painter. Here are top paintings by her.

Russian Painting of Innocent Girl with Bird in hand
Portrait of Olga, 2005, 21.7"x15.7" (55õ40 cm), wood, oil

Russian Canvas Oil Paintings
Abkhazian Gift, 2001, 33.5"x35.4" (85x90 cm), canvas, oil

Armenian School Russian Canvas Oil Painting
Armenian School, 2001, 19.7"x35.4" (50x90 cm), canvas, oil

Bearing the Cross Russian Art
Bearing the Cross, 2005, 39.4"x60.2" (100x153 cm), canvas, oil

Paintings in Swimming Pool Interior
Interior of a swimming pool

Heavenly Town Mural Ceiling Painting
Heavenly Town, 2005, 102.4"x173" (260õ440 cm), acrylic, interior mural, ceiling

Russin Art Painting
Crucifixion of the Apostles, 2002, 7.5"x15.0" (19x38 cm), paper, pastel

Anastasia Hohriakova Russian Painting
Interior of an entrance hall

Acrylic Russian Art Paintings
Mural in Chinese style, 2007, acrylic

Canvas Oil Russian Paintings
Pieta, 2002, 59.1"x66.9" (150x170 cm), canvas, oil

Sgraffito Russian Art
Sorochinskaya Fair, 2002, 45.3"x47.2" (115x120 cm), sgraffito

Portrait of a Little Girl Canvas Oil Painting
Portrait of a Little Girl, 2004, 17.7"x23.6" (45x60 cm), canvas, oil


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